is Tinder of India. Millions of Indians use Shaadi every to find their perfect match. But the codebase of this app was far from perfect. It was slow, bloated, and a nightmare work on. This crippled shaadi to make any changes to their app and add new features. had to do a complete rewrite and the aim was to improve their development workflow. But this is no easy task as the app was quite complex as gmail, but this is where react truly shines. had two main pages on their app where users spent most of their time. One where users can filter partners and other profile page.

So rewriting these two pages in react would have safely moved 80% of their traffic to a much better faster user experience. I came in this project as they needed an expert react developer who has good attention to detail which was essential for their complex UI. It took me roughly rewrite the whole frontend of the app. It was a great learning experience for me to rewrite a truly robust app which can handle huge traffic without bugs in such short time.

I've also helped them setup a robust test environment for their frontend app with unit, integration and visual regression tests.

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